TallCastle Capital Credo:

We aspire to lead lives of impact through investing in selective technology companies that have significant social impact and that are part of the fourth industrial revolution. Our mission is to grow these companies and their people by applying intelligent investment strategies and adding significance to their success. Work and business are an expression of mankind and we provide a culture of genuine care and craftsmanship for the people involved with TallCastle. The TallCastle experience will therefore offer more than just an investment opportunity. Being a stakeholder at TallCaste will also offer a platform to un-learn, learn, change and embrace personal vitality in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

People promise: 

TallCastle’s portfolio company partners are the most important resource in our commitment to our investors and other stakeholders. By applying the principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity and commitment we nurture and maximize talent to the benefit of each individual and each company. TallCastle fosters a work environment where diversity is valued, quality of life is enhanced, individual aspirations can be fulfilled, and the TallCastle philosophy is strengthened.


We serve investors and companies that look at their capital or business as an expression of their passion and extension of who they are or who they represent.

Our Steps of Service:

  1. Building a genuine and sincere relationship with LP’s and entrepreneurs;
  2. Anticipating and fulfilling the strategic needs of LP’s and entrepreneurs;
  3. Growing capital and companies toward high social impact and significance which result in enterprise and financial success.

Our culture and Service Values

TallCastle Law 1 – Law of Industry: 

The Law of Industry is about hard work and disciplined entrepreneurship. Hard work brings prosperity and leadership. Doors of opportunity open for those who are industrious. We are and we look for people and partners that are active and busy. Our advice: work diligently (not only talk). We reward hard work and so do markets and society.

TallCastle Law 2 – Law of Integrity: 

Integrity brings promotion and growth. Be dependable and get the job done.  Keep your promises. Make sure you produce what is expected. We should not have to worry about tasks and responsibility. Do what is right because it is right, not because it is convenient.  We as leaders of our firm expect four things and you can expect them from us: 1. Listen, 2. Plan, 3. Do, 4. Report. If we follow these steps the probabilities of success are increased.

TallCastle Law 3 – Law of Excellence:

Excellence brings you and us become influential people. Do not take short cuts on excellence. Do everything you do with excellence. Every work we do is a self-portrait. We always ask “Have I done my best?”. Striving for excellence leads to Ability to Change and Craftsmanship (continuous learning).

TallCastle Law 4 – The Law of Right Motives:

At TallCastle, we do not just aim for profit. The right motives bring purpose to work and to life. Laboring is not just about money but is an expression of our passion and an extension of who we are. We work for the pleasure we find in work. We get satisfaction from developing and creating things and helping people and organizations grow and succeed.  We are animated by the vision of our people and our goals and are inspired by the associations that activity in business produces.

The TallCastle Philosophy:

These laws determine our conduct, behavior and expectations for TallCastle and all those with whom we associate. It also ensures that we are having a great deal of fun and happiness in our lives. With our carefully selected team, our ecosystems, our relationships in this business culture and the willingness to dedicate our energy to their goals, we offer a unique platform for investors and companies.